Editorial Policy

• Dance Base aims to distribute information for the purpose of encouraging and celebrating the potential for dance in everyone.
• We aim to distribute accurate information in a timely fashion that is relevant to our audiences.

Dance Base provides two methods of online publication of news information:
• dancebase.co.uk has two sections dedicated to news. Information is separated by relevance into community and professional sections. News is published on the day prior to the mailout of our fortnightly newsletter.
• Dance News is the monthly e-newsletter and is sent every other Tuesday. Again, there is a community focused version and another for professional dancers. Requests and information for inclusion in the next issue of Dance News must be received by midday on the Friday before publication.

News items on our website:
• News is a story about something that has happened or is about to happen. Examples are upcoming performances, activities at Dance Base, workshops elsewhere, the launch of a new website, training opportunities with other dance agencies etc.
• Our policy for accepting news items is that firstly it is news (and not advertising) and that it is relevant to dance. Dance Base reserves the right to refuse or edit content.
• Most news has a natural expiry date (e.g. the performance run ends or the date for submissions has passed) and at this point it is archived from the site so that our readers are not seeing out of date information. If there is no natural expiry date we will archive a news item after three weeks.
• All articles must be accompanied by an image. It is the responsibility of the person(s) requesting the article to provide an image. It is also the responsibility of the person providing the image to ensure that they own the copyright on the image, or have a clear agreement with the copyright owner for its use in this context. We may refuse certain images where we are not confident that the provider owns the copyright, but the liability will always lie with the person providing the image and not with Dance Base. The image must be easy to crop to landscape, without compromising its appearance.
• Copy must be provided in a useable format, either in a Word document or in the body text of an email. Unfortunately, the time pressures involved in producing the articles and newsletters do not allow for substantial reformatting, editing or typing up of copy sent to us in e-flyers or PDFs.
• If content is sent to us in an unusable format, it is unlikely that we will be able to chase up the sender for the correct format and the article may not be posted.

Dance News:
• Dance News is a roundup e-mail of news items that are available on our website. Short previews of information are displayed encouraging readers to click through to the website to see the full article.
• There are a limited number of slots available in Dance News each month. Priority always goes to Dance Base news, residencies, workshops, events etc.
• The remaining slots are selected by the Dance News editor, mainly according to their urgency (e.g. if we have late notice of a workshop then we’ll try to get it in the next issue).
• The editor also bears in mind how many times the item has already appeared to ensure readers don't lose interest.
• Sometimes we receive the information too late or do not have enough slots in the Dance News to include everything and so something will appear on the website but not in the Dance News.

• Advertising is paid for and takes the form of a banner advert near the foot of our website, or a box advert at the side of the newsletter.
• Dance Base selects advertisements carefully to ensure that adverts are relevant to our audiences, that they do not conflict with our own programmed activities and that they comply with our ethos, environmental policy and mission statement.
• Advertising is contracted and not subject to the limitations of the Online Editorial Policy.

• We are unable to guarantee inclusion on our website or in Dance News on specific dates or by specific deadlines. We always try to distribute information on time and to the right people however there are occasions on which this is not possible.
• Occasionally mistakes occur. When this happens we investigate the cause of the mistake, take appropriate action to rectify the problem and work to put procedures in place that attempt to prevent the same mistake happening again.

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