Youth Intensives Summer 2022


Monday 11-Friday 15 July 

11:30am-1:30pm Contemporary with Katie Miller

2:00-4:00pm Mixed styles and teachers - see details below

Keep dancing throughout the holiday season! 

This summer Dance Base invites dancers aged 13-19 to join us as part of our Youth Intensives summer programme.  

Our Youth Intensives programme offers dancers a fun and varied week of classes.  Designed for those who want to learn a little more intensively, the week-long programme consists of two daily courses. There’s a daily Contemporary class followed by an afternoon class with a different style being taught each day. With something for everyone, this is a great opportunity to try out new styles and have fun over summer! 

£60 for one course OR £100 for both courses 

11:30am-1:30pm | Contemporary with Katie Miller | Book here

Join Katie for a contemporary class where you’ll explore this expressive dance and focus on basic technique. You’ll find different ways to move through the space as well as developing your own creativity. The whole purpose of the class is to have fun and find ways of moving that feel good! Wear loose, comfy clothes that are easy to move in and be prepared to dance in socks or bare feet (it's your choice!). All experience is welcome so just bring yourself, some water and be ready to dance.  

2:00-4:00pm | Varied styles as listed below | Book here

Monday: Hip Hop with Ursula Manandhar 
Ursula will take you through foundational hip hop technique exercises and groove patterns that focus on isolations, precision and staying grounded. Rhythm is key and you'll need to stay on beat to bring these elements together in an energetic and slick routine. 

Tuesday: Breakin' with Emma Ready 
Breakin' is a mixture of upright steps called top rock combined with floor based moves like 6-step, swipes and freezes. Originality and creating your own style is at the heart of Breakin' and this class will be taught by one of Scotland's most prolific and original breakers, Emma Ready a.k.a. The 10,000 Moves Master. 

Wednesday: Waacking with Rita Hu 
Fun, fast & funky style that uses arm movements and gestures combined with posing and footwork. Waacking puts a strong emphasis on musicality and interpretation of the music as it originated as disco club style from 1970s west coast USA. 

Thursday: Jazz with Jill Morton 
A style that emphasises long lines, musicality, step patterns, turns and jumps. It's energetic and up-tempo...and loads of fun. 

Friday: Flying Low with Tess Letham 
Flying Low focuses on the dancer’s relationship with the floor and with each other. Participants learn simple movement patterns, which explore the principles of cohesion and expansion, gathering and sending the whole body as we learn how to move in and out of the floor more efficiently. 

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