Aniela Piasecka

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Aniela performing as part of Stasis' contribution to Dateagle's Performance Marathon at Platform Southwark 2019, photography by Liz Gorman

Associate Artist 2019 - present

Aniela Piasecka is a dance artist with a strong practical anchoring in collaborative and interdisciplinary contemporary artistic contexts. A motivation to question  the delineation of artistic practices and our singular and individualistic understandings of authorship underpins her work. Frequently working with thematics then medium, her methods favour flexibility and ease of movement between artistic disciplines and contexts.

Her current research is informed by critical pedagogy and is particularly focussed on questions pertaining to access for movement practitioners that may identify as chronically ill and/or disabled. She is interested in widening the reach of current conversations about health and dance and would encourage anyone who would like to talk about this to contact her via Dance Base. 

In 2020 she will pursue ideas developed during Massive Thanks, her residency period at Dance Base in 2019. She will also be working with artists Paloma Proudfoot, Stasis, and Fritz Welch both at Dance Base and The Work Room, Glasgow, to continue to develop these collaborations. In April she will be performing in artist Georgina Starr's performance installation for Glasgow International: Moment, Memory, Monument and in June she will co-present her findings with CAMPUS, a research group led by Nottingham Contemporary at Bonnington Gallery in Nottingham. In August she will be travelling with Stasis to Galway, Ireland, to participate in the city's European Capital of Culture festival.

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Image: Photo taken from Stasis performance at David Dale Gallery 2018, image credit Daniel Cook

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