Contemporary Beginners  
Tuesdays, 17.45-18.45 (course and drop in)  
Welcome to the fundamentals of Contemporary dance! Join us for a fun, challenging and dynamic class which will introduce you to the world of Contemporary dance. Learn how to link steps together, develop your strength, flexibility and coordination. Explore choreography and improvisation, jumps and travelling sequences. Led by Alan Greig. 

Contemporary Jazz Intermediate  
Tuesdays, 19.15-20.45 (course and drop in)  
In this energetic and challenging class, we will aim to strengthen and refine our technique, and connect to a big physicality. Through a range of exercises, we will work on strength and placement, as well as efficiency of movement - helping us become powerful, expressive dancers. We will look for dynamism, texture, clarity and freedom in our dancing, with longer travelling sequences to help us put this into practice. Come along and have fun! Suitable for confident, experienced movers. Led by Jack Anderson. 

Contact Improvisation 
Tuesdays 20.15-21.30 (course and drop in)  
Join Merav Israel and guests for a new weekly Contact improvisation class. Contact Improvisation is a way of dancing together in contact and weight shifting and sharing. It’s a practice and it’s playful. It can be dynamic or calm.
This class will help you to develop skills to somatically sense and feel yourself in movement and while dancing with others. You will learn to improvise and to be present in the moment and responsive to dynamic situations in a fun shared way. This class will give you the skills and confidence to join periodic Contact Improvisation jams with local, national, worldwide communities. 
We learn through explorations and shared level practice. Open to all levels. 
Due to the close contact nature of this class, we encourage all participants to take a lateral flow test before attending. 

Contemporary Intermediate  
Wednesdays 9.00-10.30 (drop in) 
Work on your technique and alignment in this contemporary dance class that is suitable for those with a good grounding in contemporary or ballet technique. Taking influence and inspiration from the Cunningham technique, the class will begin with a thorough warm-up, progressing to dynamic travelling sequences and jumps accompanied by some wonderful live rhythms. Led by Steinvor Palsson. 

Contemporary Improvers  
Wednesdays, 17.30-18.30 (drop in) 
Explore and refine your dance technique in this contemporary class suitable for those with some dance experience. We’ll start with a thorough warm-up before progressing to travelling sequences where you can express your love of dancing. This class will also be accompanied by some wonderful live music. Led by Steinvor Palsson.  

Contemporary All Levels  
Wednesdays 20.30-21.30 (drop in)  
Challenge your strength and endurance while learning the art of Contemporary dance. 
Suitable for all ability levels, our drop-in sessions are release based, focusing on developing skills through a wide range of dynamic standing, floor and travelling work. 
This class is fast paced to get you moving, dancing and most of all having fun. Led by Oliver James Anwyl. 

Platinum 60+ 
Thursdays, 15.15-16.15 (course and drop in) 
Make movement look effortless and feel good 
We’ll help you find joy in the shift, movement, and reach using the continual pulse of Contemporary dance moves. 
Join us for a gentle work-out starting with precise movements in wrists, elbows and ankles to create a bigger picture. Led by Matthew Hawkins. 

Contemporary Beginners 
Thursdays, 17.30-18.30 (course and drop in) 
Release tension to find the freedom of movement! 
With an emphasis on the Release based practice, our Contemporary Beginners class will help you develop skills including coordination, endurance, dynamics and strength. 
We’ll be standing, travelling, doing floorwork and flowing standing sequences which will help you build a foundation in technique which you can then build on within Contemporary dance or apply to other styles you choose to try. Led by Oliver James Anwyl. 

Contemporary Improvers 
Fridays, 17.30-19.00 (course and drop in) 
Get more dynamic with your dance skills! 
Build on your knowledge of Contemporary dance in our fun class influenced by the Nikolais and Cunningham technique. 
Our class incorporates a full body workout that builds into choreographic sequences, jumps and travelling phrases. Suitable for those with some dance experience, we’ll help you Increase your flexibility, stamina and co-ordination and explore your creativity through improvisation. Led by Alan Greig. 

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