Whether you’ve tried Tap Dancing before or have just discovered some of Tap Dancing’s most famous icons and been inspired by their extraordinary moves, we’ve got a class and level to suit you.

From absolute beginners through to advanced classes, we welcome you to discover your inner Bill Robinson, Gene Kelly or Rita Hayworth!


Tap Vintage Improvers
Tuesdays, 16:00-17:00 (course option only)
Get deeper into the rhythms of tap
This class will help you build short routines in a variety of musical styles while progressing your Tap technique and learning more challenging steps and rhythms. Designed for confident dancers aged 60 and over who have attended some previous terms of Tap Absolute Beginners, Beginners or equivalent. Led by Rona Anderson

Tap Absolute Beginners
Tuesdays, 17:15-18:15 (course option only)
First steps into Tap! For those who have never tapped before. Our class introduces basic Tap steps along with technique for rhythm and style and builds a fun routine each week. This is a relaxed class with time to practice and informally chat. Led by Dawn Turner.

Tap Beginners
Tuesdays, 18:30-19:30 (course option only)
Step in to Tap! Join us for our Tap Beginners class to have fun while increasing your ability. Suitable for those who have done at least one term of Absolute Beginners or equivalent. We’ll refresh you with shuffle-ball-change, tap-step-ball-change and tap-step-heel and help you produce more challenging combinations. Led by Dawn Turner.

Tap Advanced
Tuesdays, 20:15-21:15 (course option only)
Become a tip top tapper! Our fast-paced Tap Advanced class will keep your heart rate up while we work on intricate footwork, travelling and turns, building speed with clarity of sound. Tap repertoire is often included, learning steps and dances which have been passed down from the original Tap masters. This class is suitable for those with established dance experience looking to strengthen their current skill set. Led by Rona Anderson

Tap Vintage Beginners
Wednesdays, 14:30-15:30 (course option only)
Our class is a great way to improve your balance and coordination while learning rhythm and musicality to a great soundtrack of swing, jazz and funk and soul. Aimed at anyone over 60 who is keen to learn the basics of Tap technique. No prior dance experience needed as our amazing instructor will keep the routines as easy or challenging as you need. Led by Pirita Tuisku.

Tap Improvers
Wednesdays, 18:35-19:45 (course option only)
For those who wish to enhance their tap skills and learn more advanced steps in a relaxed and fun way. After a warm-up combination, we will create a fun routine throughout the term using new steps and rhythms. Then you can enjoy a gentle cool down! Led by Lindsey Cheyne

Tap Pre Advanced
Fridays, 19:15-20:15 (course option only)
Learn the difference between your pullbacks and your pick ups! Our fun and energetic Tap Pre-Advanced class will work on more complex tap combinations to develop speed, coordination, articulation, and rhythm. Suitable for those with established Tap experience, we will work on strengthening elevated steps. Led by Rona Anderson.

Mondays, 20:30-21:30 (drop-in only)
Thinking of dusting off those tap shoes? Our brand-new drop-in tap class with Lindsey gives you the chance to sharpen up those beats and get back into tapping in your own time. Aimed at tappers with a basic level of experience this drop-in class will focus on building technique, acquiring new skills, and combining it all into some fun routines! Led by Lindsey Cheyne.

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