Step by Step

Step By Step

'Step by Step' is a partnership between Dance Base and Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity. This programme of work has been delivered since September 2016 and works with children and young people by their bedside and in small groups. This dance project focuses on improving wellbeing, encouraging creative expression and spreading happiness throughout the hospital.

Once a week, dance teachers Suzi Cunningham or Christina Liddell (photo) visit Little France and playfully engage small groups and individual patients in gentle movement and dance exercises. They offer bedside sessions with physiotherapists and work in various areas of the hospital, including visits to the neurological ward and high dependency ward.

Christina Liddell: “As a creative artist, I am intrigued to work within a ray of impulses and exploration. I have a particular interest in the dance sessions being greatly steered as a response from children I come alongside. I feel that being inspired directly by them, it opens a whole new ray of horizons and possibilities, allowing many beautiful moments to occur.

It's a really wonderful thing to establish a very close rapport, both with the children themselves and with the family members. From this, I begin to become familiar with what a child really responds to and makes them smile. I believe it really comes down to a very personal engagement, each unique to every child and allowing the light within them to shine brightly. I am incredibly passionate about the work we can do in partnership with the Edinburgh Children's Hospital, I have consistently experienced at first hand, the dedication and devotion that goes into the lives of the children in care there. I look forward to see how it continues to flourish and create rainbows in the lives of many!”

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