Step in Time

Seated Swing Project 2 - May 2017

Dance Base are committed to ensuring that dance is accessible to everyone so for those older adults who can't make it to our building, we'll bring the dance to you. 'Step in Time' was a project delivered to older people from residential/day settings who, may or may not have dementia, Alzheimer's or restricted movement.

These specifically tailored creative movement workshops aimed to improve flexibility, strength and wellbeing. Some movements were simple while others involve more complex dance routines, using finger and arm movements, clapping routines, toe tapping and heel raising from seats. The classes were designed to be fun and energising for all, regardless of level, age or ability.

“Without exception all service users take part in the sessions and demonstrate a level of interest and participation the regular staff find impressive and hard to achieve in our own work.” Manager,  Eric Liddell Centre

Dance Base worked in partnership with Edinburgh University to support the evaluation of this work. Step in Time is also supported by The Nancie Massey Charitable Trust.

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Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council
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