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Charlotte McLean Workshop Summer 2022

For the Summer term Dance Base are delighted to introduce a series of dance workshops for professional dance artists! To book your place please click here, select the date and book through the website, or book in person at reception. Please select the price bracket that works for you.


Charlotte McLean And Workshop | Saturday 11th June | 15:30 - 17:30

Open to professional dance and movement artists

Price: £10 / £15 Book here

  • £15 for those who have funding in place to support their professional development
  • £10 for freelance artists without funding support

The workshop will be based on Charlotte's solo And. And is an auto-biographical performance about growing up as a woman, and explores culture, identity, nationality and politics.

During the workshop, participants will start with Charlotte's improvisational movement practice 'my body is my home' before leading into breath and voice work. By the end of the workshop, every participant will have written their own And list then it will finish with a short performative sharing of everybody's And

And is a tribute to every living creature on this earth.
To everything. Thank you.
And is a sacrifice to every emotion, even those we are yet to feel.
And is a homage to; the earth, the cosmos, the miniscule, the magic, the meaning, the
moment, the moments before and all that's yet to come.
And is to feel, to fail, to experience, to share and to be.
And is then and was. And is here and now.
And is in between and something to believe in. And is hope.
And is the mothers and grandmothers who've danced before us, everyone we've ever
known and the children we're yet to meet.

About Charlotte Mclean

Charlotte Mclean amalgamates improvisation, voice work, imagination, self-celebration, radical listening and joy. Charlotte is a contemporary dance artist from Arbroath. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has worked internationally with companies including Barrowland Ballet, Curious Seed, Eva Recacha and Pink Mama Theatre. She is co-founder of The Yonis and Die Berner Yonis, movement bands based in London and Bern. The Yonis have been commissioned by The Place London, Dazed and Confused, V&A London, TANZhAUS Bern and more.

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