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For the Spring term Dance Base are delighted to introduce a series of dance workshops for professional dance artists! To book your place please click here, select the date and book through the website, or book in person at reception. Please select the price bracket that works for you.


Motionhouse Workshop | Saturday 29th January | Postponed 

We are very sorry to say that the workshop with Motionhouse that we had planned for the 29th January has had to be cancelled as the company are no longer able to bring their performance to Edinburgh as planned due to restrictions in response to the rise of the Omicron variant. They are hoping to reschedule their performance at Capital Theatres for the Autumn term and we will reschedule the workshop to coincide with this.

Instead, on the 29th, we are delighted that Tess Letham will be joining us to teach her professional class from 13;45 - 15:15, bookings can be made on our website.


PLAY:IN:MOTION Workshop with Rob Anderson | Saturday 19th March | 13:30 - 16:30

Open to professional dance and movement artists

Price: £10 / £15 | Book

  • £15 for those who have funding in place to support their professional development
  • £10 for freelance artists without funding support

Join Rob Anderson for PLAY:IN:MOTION - a new bespoke movement and dance workshop which focuses on creativity, exploration, new skills and playfulness.

In this three-hour workshop for professional dance artists Rob will combine techniques, movement and creative concepts from multiple disciplines to offer participants the tools they need to confidently explore endless movement possibilities.

Participants will be encouraged to take each workshop at their own pace as they learn and explore movement, tackle physical challenges and revisit old movement habits with new information. The emphasis of the workshop will be on discovering something 'new', big or small, as a group or individually. These discoveries can then be shared, celebrated, reflected upon and applied to future movement.

PLAY:IN:MOTION aims to establish a friendly and safe environment, where participants can explore, create and share their movement. You're invited to come with an inquisitive mind, ready to dance, sweat and play! 

Please note that Rob will be filming some of the class to develop a new trailer.

About Rob Anderson:

Rob is a pro freelance dance artist specialising in Contemporary and Breaking styles, from and based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with the Carolyn Woolridge award for outstanding performance. Rob also represents Bad Taste Cru, one of the UK's most influential B-boy crews. 

Rob has worked in the dance sector for over 12 years, performing, touring and teaching across the UK and Europe  alongside multiple companies and artists, some of which include: Gary Clarke Company, Anton Lachky, Mobius Dance, Southpaw Dance, Shaper Caper, Richad Chappell Dance, Efrosini Protopapa, Renaud Wiser, Avatara Ayuso, Odette Hughs and Room2Manoeuvre. 

In 2020 Rob became an associate artist with Moving Art Management and began developing his own work. In January 2021 he was successfully awarded funding from Arts Council England to support the research and development of PLAY:IN:MOTION, his ongoing creative movement workshop series. Rob is currently developing his first full length solo BUCKLE UP, which recieved the early stage commission award from Dance City Newcastle in the summer of 2021. 

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