Snow Motion - Friday 17 December 19:30



Live Performance | 17th December 19:30 | £5 - 12


Bollywood Dance Class with Rajni Ravi | 18:00 - 19:00 (Optional)

If you fancy a bit of a warm-up before the show then come and join the amazing Rajni Ravi for an uplifting Bollywood class before we begin! This class is open to all abilities and experience levels and promises a fun and energetic start to the evening. You can then refresh at the bar before the show at 19:30.

Reception by Bridie Gane 

Reception is a short, sharp, site-specific duet inspired by and created in the reception area of Dance Base.  In this short dance work two receptionists with very little to do create their own entertainment to pass the time whilst also slowly driving each other mad.  

Reflecting the frustration and containment felt during lockdown whilst observing the bizarreness that was office life, back when that was a thing. This work veers away from mainstream contemporary dance and offers a more stylistic reference to Hollywood musicals of the1940s. 

Choreographer - Bridie Gane 

Performers - Bridie Gane and Katie Miller

Hebridean Treasure: Lost & Found by Kirsten Newell 

In song, dance and narrative, the inspiring story of a people’s soul.  

In Hebridean Treasure: Lost & Found internationally acclaimed writer, John Philip Newell, works with some of Scotland’s most talented young artists to tell the story of the Celtic spiritual tradition of the Scottish Hebrides using song, dance and narrative to convey both the richness of the tradition in its awareness of the earth,  and its decimation in the Highland Clearances of the 19th century. 

Throughout the performance, composer and Gaelic singer Mischa Macpherson weaves her music around the compelling performance of Bharatanatyam dancer Kirsten Newell, achieving what has never been attempted before - a memory of the forgotten influence of India on the Celtic soul. 

In the retelling of a Scottish tragedy, Newell invites awareness of the universal story of the displacement of native peoples and the consequent loss of ancient wisdom. Hebridean Treasure moves through tragedy to portray the recovery of spiritual vision for the ecological crises of today with beauty, pathos, and hope. 

“Hebridean Treasure is a moving meditation on Celtic spirituality – both dance and poem; lament and love song; prayer and blessing” Pulse Connects 

Script & Narrations - John Philip Newell 

Choreography & Artistic Direction - Shane Shambhu 

Music Direction & Vocals - Mischa Macpherson 

Dancer - Kirsten Newell 

Musicians - Alistair Iain Paterson (Harmonium), Charlie Stewart (Fiddle, Double Bass), Ankna Arockiam (Vocals), Hardeep Deerhe (Tabla), Alison Newell (Narrations), Iain Louden (Narrations)  

Remedy For Memory  (work in progress) by Tess Letham  

Remedy for Memory (work in progress) is a fun, multidimensional and accessible piece of dance theatre. The work playfully combines interdisciplinary performance and design, blending amplified characterisation with personal and poignant narratives through thoughtful contemporary storytelling.  

Shaped through the lens of female perspective and taking the abstracted form of a live TV talk-show, the performance explores fantasy, ritual, love, friendship, memory, healing and romance through a comical and tender narrative. Revealing intimate anecdotes and pushing the boundaries of our own reality. 

Performance Collaborators - Nerea Gurrutxaga, Tess Letham, Amy Robyn Lyster, Skye Reynolds

Sound Design - Dinah Mullen 

Filmmaker - Abi Ponce Hardy 

Producer - Robyn Jancovich-Brown (Stories Untold Productions) 

Production Manager - Alma Lindenhovius


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Dance Class and Show Ticket | Adult £12 / Concession £10 / Chance to Dance Discount £6


Show Only Ticket  | Adult £10 / Concession £8 / Chance to Dance Discount £5




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