Snow Motion - Thursday 16 December 19:30



Live Performance | 16th December 19:30 | £12 - 5 

Merry Musical Madness with Chris Stuart-Wilson | 18:00-19:00 (Optional)

Join the fabulous Chris Wilson for an hour of Merry Musical Madness. This class is open to all abilities and experience levels and promises a fun and energetic start to the evening. You can then refresh at the bar before the show at 19:30.

Dusk by Lothian Youth Dance Company (LYDC) 

Dusk is the product of a week-long workshop with LYDC’s dancers and choreographer Bridie Gane. It draws on the music of Wake Up Calls, an album by Cosmo Sheldrake which uses recordings of bird song featured on the red and amber lists of endangered British birds. The dancers explored the mystery and distinctiveness of different bird songs through movement, translating the essence of each bird’s song into physical form. Dusk explores the interdependency between the human and the natural worlds in the context of our rapidly changing climate.

Choreographer – Bridie Gane 

LYDC Lead Artist - Emma Smith 

Dancers - Lliam Foster, Lucy MacLellan, Cali Ross, Giovanna Skoufalou, Emma Walsh, Rhianna Wilson

Minor Tears by Slanjayvah Danza

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Minor Tears is an insightful and artistic exposé of what dancers put their bodies through in the name of art. Painfully obvious, commonly denied. 

Drawing on the information from Professor Helen Thomas' enquiry Pain and Injury in a Cultural Context (2007) and from choreographer Jenni Wren's own research process, the choreography exposes the athleticism, determination and elegance that professional dancers demonstrate in their work whilst hinting at the vulnerabilities they also experience. 

"Fantastic choreography that tells a brittle truth about the pain and suffering behind great dance. Minor Tears completely stole the show. The dancing was utterly breath-taking, utterly fantastic. One of the best things I have seen in a long time."  - Norman Smith, BBC

Choreographer – Jen Wren 

Dancers - Sam Vaherlehto & Katie Armstrong

With Catastrophic Consequences by Taylor Han 

With Catastrophic Consequences is a collaborative performance between dancer Taylor Han and musician Simone Seales which explores the joy of live music and dance. Through a carefully crafted structure of improvised dance, music, and text, the pair aim to create a space for the audience that champions hope, joy and connection.  What brings us joy? What makes you feel good? What are our hopes for the future? 

We want to invite you into our world of play; come as you are and take away what you need. 

Taylor Han - Lead Artist and Co-creator 

Ramon Ayres - Co-Creator  

Simone Seales - Musician and Creative Collaborator 

Alison Thomas – Producer 

Clara Cowen – Marketing Manager 

Genevieve Reeves – Photographer and Videographer

With special thanks to our partners and collaborators: 

Alex Paton, Jocelyn Mah, Joan Cleville and Scottish Dance Theatre, Dance Base, The Space, Citymoves Dance Agency and Studio Wayne McGregor. 

Warning | This performance may include some strong language 


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Dance Class and Show Ticket | Adult £12 / Concession £10 / Chance to Dance Discount £6


Show Only Ticket  | Adult £10 / Concession £8 / Chance to Dance Discount £5



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