Creating Covid-Safe Performance with Louise Gregory | Recording available

Louise Gregory

As we begin to move out of lockdown it can be hard to navigate the ever-changing Covid guidelines, and Covid risk assessments have become a regular feature of our lives.  How do we manage to create work, whilst ensuring that we are keeping ourselves and our collaborators safe?  

Over the past year, Louise Gregory has worked on a number of Covid-safe live performances, outdoor, live-streamed, filmed, and digital work. 

In this workshop, she draws on those experiences to give some practical advice to help guide you back into the studio.

Please note that all information and advice was correct at the time of broadcast on 7th July.


Louise Gregory Biography 

Louise works internationally as a Production & Stage Manager, specializing in small- to mid-scale productions, dance and new writing, and unusual and community venues. Production Management credits include The Believers are But Brothers (Javaad Alipoor); salt., Race Cards and The Missy Elliott Project (Selina Thompson); The Department of Distractions and Partus (Third Angel); Buzzcut Festival 2021; Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival; and Newcastle Fringe Festival 2021 (Alphabetti Theatre). She also works as a Lighting Designer: recent credits include The Disappearing Act (Open Sky); The Art of Cuddling and Other Things (CIRC Motif); Blokes, Fellas, Geezers (Jake Jarratt); and Bodies of Water (Saffy Setohy). Louise sits on the Committee of the Production Managers’ Forum, the FST’s Health and Safety Forum and the Technical Advisory Group on Safer Systems (TAGSS). She is Lead Artist on NAVIGATE, a programme for early-career Scottish artists from a disadvantaged or marginalized background to develop Covid-safe performances, including across new digital formats. 

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